Dennis Rodman's 'steamy meeting' with female fan in gym

New York, April 22 (ANI): Former American basketball player Dennis Rodman got into hot water last week after a female gym member decided to join him in the Equinox Fitness men's steam room.

Sources revealed to the New York Post that the manager of the fitness centre arrived within minutes of the woman's arrival and demanded to know if there was a lady with them, to which Rodman quickly answered, "Not my woman!"

Sources said that the manager was not at all impressed with the remark, whereas the rest of his entourage, including the woman, burst out in laughter.

Insiders added that the lady was promptly given a robe and told to use a more gender-appropriate steam room.

"That's not the way it happened, but your version is much funnier," Rodman said of the steamy situation through his rep. (ANI)