Denied bathroom break, desperate Kerala class 10 student defecates in exam hall

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Denied bathroom break, desperate Kerala class 10 student defecates in exam hall

The student’s parents have filed a police complaint against the invigilator.

A class 10 student from Kerala who was taking his Chemistry board exam on Tuesday, was forced to defecate in the exam hall as the invigilator denied him a bathroom break. The incident happened in a Government Higher Secondary school in Kollam on Tuesday. The boy had reportedly asked the lady invigilator if he could use the bathroom during the exam hours and he was denied permission for the same.

According to reports, the authorities at the exam centre came to know about the issue only after the exam.

“Usually, most invigilators permit students to use the bathroom in case of an emergency. In this case, the invigilator did not bother informing the chief superintendent or the deputy superintendent, who were present in the exam centre, about the issue. She categorically denied permission to the boy. As a result, the boy suffered severe mental trauma and could not write the exam well,” a source who spoke to the parents of the student told TNM.

The student had also hidden the incident from his parents, who came to know about it the following day, March 20. On the same day, a police complaint was filed at the local station by the parents. However, the investigation will begin only after the Board exams get over on March 27.

“The parents had specifically requested for us take action only after the exams were over. This is to ensure that we do not cause any inconvenience or mental pressure to the student during his exams,” an officer from the station told TNM.

Harassment from proctors or invigilators during exams is not a new phenomenon in the state. In May 2018, an 18-year-old NEET candidate from Palakkad had filed a police complaint against a male invigilator for sexual harassment during the exam. In her complaint, Saira (name changed) said that she along with 25 other girls were asked to remove their bra prior to the exam, as it had metal hooks on them. While she was writing her exam, the invigilator stood next to her and kept staring at her chest. He even visited her class multiple times, she stated.