Demonstration against China's repression of Uyghurs in occupied East Turkistan

Civil society members organised a protest outside Dhaka Press Club to mark the Independence Day of the Islamic Republic of East Turkistan. East Turkistan had fallen into Chinese occupation in the 18th century when the Qing dynasty of the Manchu empire annexed it. Though, it was never fully subdued and was briefly declared as an independent state till Chinese invasion in December 1949. The occupied region is known as Xinjiang Autonomous Region. East Turkistan has not only lost its independence, but is also gradually losing its identity. Protesters accused China for brutality and suppression of Uyghur Muslims. Chinese government has reportedly detained more than a million Uyghurs in reeducation camps. Chinese officials maintain that what they call vocational training centres do not infringe on Uyghurs' human rights. Activists allege that most people in the camps have never been charged with crimes and have no legal avenues to challenge their detentions.