Demand of ‘throw this Brahmin girl’ has been accepted, says Pankhuri Pathak after resignation from Samajwadi Party

Ravi Kaushal

Lucknow, April 30: In another jolt to Samajwadi Party after witnessing humiliating defeat in Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, firebrand leader Pankhuri Pathak who have been known for her appearances on television resigned on Sunday. She alleged that she cannot tolerate more humiliation from Yadav Sena, a group which she alleges have been floated to destroy the Samajwadi Party.

More importantly, Pathak alleged that she was constantly targetted for her ‘Brahmin’ caste. She added that despite constant complaints to Akhilesh Yadav, he did not pay heed to them. In her Facebook post, Pathak wrote,”I apologise for the disappointment but I am tired of giving explanations every day. The demand for my ouster by Yadav Sena saying ‘Throw this Brahmin girl’ has been accepted. I expect you will work for Samajwadi Party and Akhilesh Bhaiya lifelong. The excuse of promoting only Brahmins will not be made again.”

Later in a series of tweets, she raised questions over her treatment and mocked Samajwadi Party sympathisers of misusing the ideology of Samajwadi leader Ram Manohar Lohia. She tweeted, “I believe in Lohia’s ideology but do the others? Is standing against injustice and treating women with respect nt s part of the ideology?”

Adding that holding a Brahmin girl responsible for party’s defeat should prompt every leader to tender their resignation. She further added that considering Bharatiya Janta Party sole refuge for Brahmins would be a grave mistake. She tweeted, “Just like Samajwadi Party is nt only a party of Yadavs, similarly nt al Brahmins consider BJP as their first choice. Will always oppose it.”

Her resignation drew mixed response from Samajwadi Party workers and sympathisers. Some supporters said that the move reflects a breach of trust by her. She has abandoned the party in bad days.