Demand rises for warm clothes in Kashmir amid harsh winter

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A customer purchasing warm clothes in Srinagar. (Photo/ANI)
A customer purchasing warm clothes in Srinagar. (Photo/ANI)

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], January 14 (ANI): With the onset of harsh winter in Jammu and Kashmir, people of the Valley have started to purchase more and more warm clothes to protect them from the severe cold.

Winter in the union territory is currently at its peak with the upper reaches and plains of Kashmir receiving snowfall and rain.

Following this, mufflers, caps and gloves are in high demand.

A shop keeper in Srinagar, Bashir Ahmad, said that people from all walks of life are lining up for the woollens.

"There is a big demand for caps, mufflers and gloves. Everyone wears caps - be it auto wallas or other people. There is a huge rush nearly every day," Ahmad told ANI.

A customer at Ahmad's shop, Abdul Hamid, said that it is almost impossible to leave the house without a cap as temperatures often dip below zero degrees.

"It is not good for health to leave the house without a cap and a muffler, one can easily fall sick because of the cold. It is one of the most important winter essentials," Hamid added.

"From October onwards winter starts and we never leave the house without warm clothes. It rains often which makes the situation even worse. Doctors strongly advise us to wear several layers in the freezing temperature. Women, men, children and older people, all wear these warm clothes," another customer said. (ANI)