Delhi's Chhatarpur temple to remain open during solar eclipse

New Delhi [India], June 21 (ANI): Delhi's famous Chhatarpur temple will remain open during the solar eclipse on Sunday.

Several temples across the country have announced that they will remain shut down during the eclipse today.

Speaking to ANI, priest of Chhatarpur Temple Harimohan Jha said: "This temple does not close even during eclipse time. All priests conduct puja during this time and offer prayers."

Informing about the eclipse duration, the temple priest said, "The eclipse begins at 10.40 am and ends at 2.12 pm. The people should abstain from sleeping, eating, roaming outside during the eclipse."

A rare celestial event, annular solar eclipse, which is popularly known as the "ring of fire" eclipse, will be visible this Sunday in India.

It will be the first solar eclipse of this year taking place on the summer solstice, which is the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. (ANI)