Delhi woman had extramarital affair, planned husband's murder: Police

Sagar Malik
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Delhi woman had extramarital affair, planned husband
Delhi woman had extramarital affair, planned husband

11 Mar 2021: Delhi woman had extramarital affair, planned husband's murder: Police

The Delhi Police have arrested a 41-year-old woman for conspiring to kill her husband, who was shot at in South Delhi's Defence Colony area on Wednesday.

She had planned the murder with a person whom she was allegedly in an affair with.

The victim, meanwhile, has survived the gunshot on his neck and is currently undergoing treatment.

Here are more details on this.

Details: Incident took place around 9 am yesterday

The incident took place around 9 am yesterday.

Today, the police arrested the woman, Babita, and her 23-year-old partner, Rohan, who attacked her husband, Bhimraj.

Bhimraj, a contractual driver and resident of Chirag Delhi, was taken to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), where he is currently undergoing treatment.

The police had initially viewed the crime as based on enmity, reports say.

Details: CCTV footage led the police to Rohan

The CCTV footage recovered by the police from the area of the crime showed the bike used by the attacker.

After the police tracked down the registration number, they used the linked insurance details to approach a resident of the Rana Pratap Nagar area.

That man, however, said he had sold the bike to one Lakhan, who, in turn, led the police to Rohan.

Probe: Rohan also accused of misleading the police

Upon being questioned by the police, Rohan initially claimed that he had been involved in a confrontation with Bhimraj in a road rage incident a few days ago, which eventually led to yesterday's attack.

The investigating officers, however, doubted his claims after going through his and the victim's call records. Further questioning unfolded the actual story, the police said.

Confession: Rohan, Babita were in a relationship for four months

Rohan later confessed to the police about his four-month-old relationship with Babita.

He also reportedly told the cops that Bhimraj had beaten up his wife after he came to know about their affair.

Thereafter, Babita had asked Rohan to kill her husband so that they could be together, the police said. He then bought a country-made firearm and ammunition and executed the attack yesterday.