Delhi Shopkeeper Alleges Wrestler Sushil Kumar Beat Him After He Demanded Rs 4-Lakh Payment Due For Rations

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A shopkeeper named Satish Goyal has said that Sushil Kumar had allegedly beaten him for demanding his due of Rs 4 lakh for the ration delivered at the Chhatrasal Stadium as per a report in India Today.

Delhi Police arrested Kumar and his associate Ajay Kumar on 22 May for alleged links with the murder of late wrestler Sagar Dhankar. His custody was extended for four days on Saturday(29 May).

Narrating the incident, Goyal said that he had been supplying rations at the stadium for 18 years since Sushil's father-in-law Satpal Singh was the coach at the stadium.

Coach Birendra and Head Cook Virendra used to order the rations. Birendra got transferred later, and it was then that Goyal asked for the Rs 4 lakh dues from the new coach, Ashok Kumar, in April 2020, amounting to around 4,05,950.

He had filed an FIR on 8 September last year, on which police took no action.

According to the report, Goyal was called to the stadium by Kumar, where he begged for his money said, "I will die if I don't get the payment for the rations provided."

"Oh! You will die? Then OK die!!" Sushil allegedly said before beating Goyal with his boys.

"Now they [the police] are calling me and saying that action will be taken. Sushil's associate Ajay also took rations worth Rs 25 thousand for distribution during the lockdown. He also never paid back the money. Boys in stadium told me that coaches had collected money from them to pay my dues. Big and swanky cars used to be there in the stadium. I thought they have worked hard for it, I wasn't knowing they were involved in crimes," Satish told the reporter.