Delhi Shocker: Girlfriend Throws Acid on Herself and Lover to Save Three-Year Relationship

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Reports inform that both of them were attacked with an acid-like substance while riding a bike in west Delhi's Vikaspuri, the police on Sunday.

New Delhi, June 17: In a shocking incident, a 19-year-old woman in Delhi allegedly threw acid on herself and her boyfriend in order to prevent a breakup after being in relationship for over 3 years. Reports inform that both of them were attacked with an acid-like substance while the duo was on a moving bike in west Delhi’s Vikaspuri, the police informed on Sunday. According to a report by Hindustan Times, the woman confessed that she had poured acid on her lover's face to ensure he doesn’t end their three-year relationship.

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As per details by Police, it was first believed that the couple was attacked by someone else known to either of the two as even the woman had suffered burns. Also, her 24-year-old alleged boyfriend did not suspect her role. Delhi Shocker: Husband Forces Wife to Make Chai-Pakode for Friends, Frustrated Woman Hires Killers for Rs 7,000 to Murder Him. 

Police also scanned the CCTV footage on the route that the couple took that day, but that did not help much as it wasn’t captured. However, an officer said even through the woman was also a victim of the attack, her statements made them suspicious following which the injured man was asked to narrate the sequence of events that took place that day. Delhi Shocker: Woman Along With Lover Kills Her Five-Year-Old Son.

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Police informed that the role of his girlfriend came to light after the man revealed that during the ride the woman insisted him on removing his helmet by saying that it was disturbing her and making her uncomfortable. Soon after, the man felt face burning and realised that someone had thrown acid on them. The man had suffered 15% burns on the right side of his face, neck and chest.

During the investigation, the woman said he had no role to play in this. However, the police identified the shop from where she had purchased the acid. When they confronted the woman with the evidence, she confessed that she had committed the crime. The woman further said that she took the extreme step as she was frustrated because her boyfriend wanted to get out of the relationship whereas she had planned to marry him. However, another official was quoted in the report saying that the woman suspected that he was getting close to another woman and disturbed by this, she attacked him with acid to prevent the break-up.