Delhi reports 206 fire calls on Diwali, one killed in Mundka

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Atul Garg, Director, Delhi Fire Services (Photo/ANI)
Atul Garg, Director, Delhi Fire Services (Photo/ANI)

New Delhi [India], November 15 (ANI): As many as 206 fire calls were received by the Delhi Fire Service (DFS) on the occasion of Diwali on Saturday, Delhi Fire Service said today. One person was killed in the fire that broke out at a godown in Delhi's Mundka area on Diwali eve.

"The DFS attended 206 rescue calls on Diwali this year out of which four fire calls were major. There was one major fire in Mundka that claimed one life, however, the overall situation was under control," Atul Garg, Director, DFS, told ANI.

Meanwhile, the DFS director said that they received 129 rescue calls on Saturday between 6 pm to 11:58 pm, the peak hours of the Diwali celebration in the city.

"Number of calls were less compared to previous years, 129 fire calls were received by us in the peak hours," Atul Garg added.

On Diwali, 290 fire calls were attended in 2015, 243 fire calls in 2016, 204 fire calls in 2017, 271 in 2018 and 245 in 2019, as per the data from DFS. (ANI)