Delhi Reported Two Covid-19 Related Deaths An Hour on Sunday, Three Per Hour on Monday

Nivedita Singh
·2-min read

As the number of coronavirus cases continued to rise across India, New Delhi has also been contributing to the distressing tally as it reported, on an average, two deaths per hour on Sunday that increased to three deaths per hour on Monday, official data suggests.

The number of deaths reported on Sunday was 48 — two deaths per hour on average. The toll jumped to 72 on Monday – three deaths per hour on an average.

According to data shared by Delhi’s Health Department, both on Sunday and Monday, Delhi reported a record number of coronavirus infections in a day – 10,774 and 11,491 respectively. This was the first time that Delhi’s daily case count has crossed the 10,000-mark since the outbreak of the infection. In November 2020, Delhi had reported 7,830 coronavirus cases in a day that remained a record till April 9 when the city reported 8,521 cases.

Since April 1, Delhi has reported 74,258 coronavirus cases and 328 deaths – slightly more than one death per hour. Delhi’s case fatality rate was 1.70 per cent on March 12. It has come down to 1.54 per cent as of date.

On March 12, Delhi reported two deaths and 431 cases. Since the outbreak of coronavirus till March 12, the city had reported 10,936 deaths.

On April 12, Monday, the national capital reported 11,491 cases and 72 deaths, taking the total infection toll to 11,355.

Since April 6, the national capital has been reporting more than 5,000 coronavirus cases per day.

A month ago, Delhi’s cumulative positive cases were 6.42 lakh that has now reached 7.36 lakh.

Also, Delhi’s active caseload was 2,093 on March 12. As of April 12, it is 38,095.

As of date, 21.45 lakh people have been vaccinated against coronavirus in Delhi, the official data suggests.

Till April 12, 2020, Delhi had reported just 24 COVID-19 related deaths since the outbreak of the infection while the total case count was 1,154, data from the Health Department says.

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