Delhi Prepares For Lockdown By Stocking Up On Alcohol

·1-min read

With the Arvind Kejriwal government in Delhi announcing a 6-days-long curfew in the capital, the cities shops have seen a surge in customers making last-minute purchases. But some of the longest queues have been seen outside alcohol shops in the city which witnessed massive queues of people flouting social distancing norms to stock up on some booze. While serpentine queues were witnessed outside shops across the city, an elderly woman's determination to buy alcohol as a cure for coronavirus has gone viral on social media. The woman, who could be seen queueing up to buy alcohol, told news agency ANI that only those who drank alcohol can remain protected from the virus. "Injection fayda nahi karega, ye alcohol fayda karegi…Mujhe dawaion se asar nahi hoga, peg se asar hoga". (The injection will not help but this alcohol will help…Medicines will not affect me but one peg of alcohol will work wonders).

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