Delhi Police Shares Viral ‘Pawri’ Doodle With a Creative Twist, Urges People to Wear Masks

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The previous month saw the 'pawri ho rahi hai' trend breaking the internet. The moment saw a slew of memes and continues to hit headlines even now. From cricketers, Bollywood celebs to politicians several recreated their own version of the viral post.

Pakistani teenager Dananeerr Mobeenis' 'pawri' clip, recently found a new taker in Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Central Delhi.

The official Twitter handle @DCPCentralDelhi, to drive across a point of importance of wearing a masks and maintaining social distance, posted a doodle. The post creatively combined the ongoing 'pawri' trend with Covid-19, and captioned it as, 'Wear mask to protect yourself and stop the spread of Covid-19'. However, it was not the message that grabbed eyeballs, but the doodle associated with it. The doodle shows how the Covid-19 virus can mutate and spread quickly if safety protocols are not followed.

The message depicts the virus mutating and goes like this, 'Yeh Hum Hain. Yeh Hamare Mutations Hain Aur Ye hamari Pawri Ho Rahi Hai.' The post soon went viral on the micro blogging site and has struck a chord with many. In a following Tweet, DCP Central Delhi, thanked the person for its creative twist.

See it here:

While netizens flooded social media to praise the message and the artist, the artist behind it was unaware of his sketch going viral. According to Indian Express, the artist is Rajeev Banerjee, Vice-President and Vertical Head at HDFC bank. Banerjee is an amateur cartoonist and has been sketching several Covid-19 related cartoons for the past one year.

Banerjee who often dedicates his weekends to doodling and sketching, since being aware of his doodle's virality is elated. "When this entire 'pawri" thing was happening, I realised that maybe a cartoon where I combine a message for the public to be vigilant, otherwise we will end up becoming 'pawri' fodder for the virus, is what came in my mind," he said.

He replied to Delhi police's post to inform them that it was his work they shared online.