Delhi Police control crime in national capital, criminal cases decrease in 2020

New Delhi, February 20 (ANI): During the year 2020, Delhi Police managed to stop crime in the capital and bring criminals behind bars. In 2020, a total 2, 50,324 IPC cases were registered as against 3, 01,085 in corresponding period of last year. During the year 2020, 472 cases of murder were registered as compared to 521 cases in 2019. Out of these, 89.62% cases were solved. During 2020, 1,963 cases of robbery were reported as compared to 1956 cases in the corresponding period of last year. 1,810 of these cases were solved with the arrest of 3,533 persons. 9 cases of dacoity were reported this year as compared to 15 cases in the corresponding period of year 2019. In 2020, there has been a decline in cases pertaining to rape by 21.63%, molestation of women by 25.16% and eve-teasing by 12.32%. The security and safety of the senior citizens in Delhi has been a priority area for Delhi Police. To control the crime against the senior citizens, local police conducted 37,289 security audits so far.