Delhi Police bust 3 Lifafa gangs, 8 arrested

New Delhi, Nov 21(ANI): South-West district of Delhi Police has busted three lifafa gangs and eight members were arrested. During the interrogation, it was revealed that accused persons used to target commuters by offering them lift in car and later in the pretext of police checking they influence the commuters to put their valuable belonging in lifafa. To gain confidence, they also used to play some audio clip on their communication device which looked like walkie-talkie. After getting their cash, ATM and its PIN they used to deboard victims at isolated starches. When victims used to check their envelopes, they found that their ATMs cards have been replaced by fake plain plastic cards and cash. 100 lifafas (envelopes) to keep the belongings of victim, Delhi Police mask to influence victims, 08 mobile phones of accused persons, 20 original ATM cards of victims changed by fake cards, SIM cards of victim’s phone which were taken out of their mobile so as not to let them read and know about the messages of withdrawal were also recovered from their possession.

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