Delhi Police arrests 844 people, recovers over 5,000 kgs drugs from Jan-Nov

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New Delhi, Dec 19 (PTI) The Delhi Police has arrested 844 people and recovered over 5,000 kgs of drugs between January and November this year, officials said on Saturday.

Data shared by the Delhi Police said from January 1, 2020 to November 31, 2020, 695 cases have been registered and 5,271.548 kgs of drugs has been recovered.

The police have recovered 23.904 kg charas, 29.184 kg opium, 4,205.392 kg ganja, 84.932 kg heroin, 699.538 kg poppy head and 1.035 kg cocaine, the data said.

The police has also recovered 219.743 kg tremadol, 12,500 tablets of alprazolam, 0.325 kg of methaqualone, 500 tablets of buprenorphine and 7.495 kg of amphetamine. Delhi Police Commissioner S N Shrivastava said, 'The Delhi Police is taking many steps. We need to spread awareness so that no one would get into this. The person who is taking drug should get himself treated. The source of supply also should be destroyed.' In 2019, police had registered 681 cases and arrested 872 people.

They had recovered 47.461 kg charas, 2.010 kg opium, 5,055.532 kg ganja, 631.035 kg heroin, 1,696.660 kg poppy head and 1.106 kg cocaine.

Over 10 kg of methaqualone, 1.480 kg of ketamine, 100 injection of Ketajet and other drugs were also recovered in 2019, the police added. PTI NIT NIT TDS TDS