Delhi Past 3rd Coronavirus Peak, No Chance of Lockdown, Says Health Minister Satyendra Jain

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Delhi health minister Satyendra Jain on Monday said the national capital is past the third peak of the Covid-19 wave and denied rumours of another lockdown in the city-state.

“There is no need to be worried about absolute numbers. I can definitely say that the peak of the third wave in Delhi is over. The first wave came in June, the second wave came in September and the third wave in November. Slowly, numbers will start coming down,” Jain told reporters at a briefing.

Asked to explain the rationale behind the claim, Jain pointed to the positivity rate in the capital during the previous peaks which he said was the main indicator instead of the absolute case numbers. “In June, the weekly average positivity rate was 37%. In the second peak, we had positivity rates of 12%, 13%, 14%... in the third wave, the positivity rate touched a maximum of 15% and has started declining,” the AAP minister said.