Delhi MCD Exit Polls Predict AAP’s Defeat in Home Turf, BJP’s Win

The BJP is likely to sweep more than 200 votes according to two exit polls results.

The BJP could be headed for a landslide victory in the Delhi municipal polls with two exit polls predicting the party finishing way ahead of the AAP and the Congress with over 200 of the 270 wards where polling was held today.

Going by the projected figures, the AAP could well be staring at a rout on its home turf, barely two years into its rise to power bagging a staggering 67 of the 70 Assembly seats, while the Congress' attempt to regain ground may come a cropper.

According to the India Today-Axis exit poll, the BJP may bag anything between 202 and 220 seats, while the AAP and the Congress will score something around 23-35 and 19-31 respectively.

The CVoter-ABP exit poll claimed the BJP was likely to sweep Delhi with 218 seats, limiting the AAP and the Congress to 24 and 22 seats respectively.

Polling was held in 270 wards of the three municipal corporations. The election to two wards has been postponed due to the death of candidates.

Wards Likely to Win: India Today - Axis Exit Polls


  • AAP 6-10 s
  • BJP 45-51
  • Cong 4-8
  • Others 0-2


  • AAP 23
  • BJP 44
  • Cong 25
  • Others 8


  • AAP 8-12
  • BJP 78-84
  • Cong 8-12
  • Others 1-3

Vote Percentage: CVoter - ABP


  • BJP 39%
  • AAP 32%
  • Cong 20%
  • Others 9%


  • BJP 44%
  • AAP 25%
  • Cong 19%
  • Others 12%


  • BJP 42%
  • AAP 26%
  • Cong 22%

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Notwithstanding the drubbing in the Rajouri Garden Assembly bypoll, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) had earlier claimed that its internal survey has predicted a massive victory for it in the civic polls in Delhi.

AAP leader Ashish Khetan said that as per the survey, it will win 218 of 272 seats. It has given the BJP, which has been controlling the three municipal corporations for the past 10 years, only 39 seats, whereas the Congress is predicted to win eight seats.

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