Delhi HC panel to consider suggestion to mandate A4 sheets, printing on both sides

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New Delhi [India], November 5 (ANI): Appreciating a petition, seeking to mandate the usage of A4-size paper sheets instead of legal-size ones, and printing on both sides, in the Delhi High Court (HC) and its subordinate courts for all purposes, a Bench of Chief Justice D N Patel and Justice Prateek Jalan on Thursday said that the suggestion would be taken up by the HC's rule-making committee.

The Delhi High Court earlier directed its registry to treat the representation by law students as a petition, in a bid to protect the right to equality, along with the environment.

The Bench of Chief Justice Patel and Justice Jalan, after going through the petition, said that an administrative decision would be taken on the suggestion, before disposing it of.

The petitioners, a group of law students, said that in view of the uniformity in terms of paper use and protection of the environment, the Supreme Court of India has already implemented the usage of A4-size paper and printing on both sides for all purposes.

For easy access to justice, it becomes necessary for the court to mandate the use of A4-size paper similarly in the Delhi High Court and in all its subordinate courts, the plea said.

It added that the practice of using legal-size paper/foolscap paper is a British colonial practice and has been making justice only costly and inaccessible. This is an arbitrary exercise and in violation of Article 14 (provides for equality in general) and Article 21 (guarantees right to life and liberty) of the Constitution of India, the plea said.

"A4-size paper is easily available and is being used by all government departments and corporate sector which are the major litigants. It is only in courts where the legal-size paper is being used exclusively without any logic or reason," the plea said.

It further said that it is an undeniable fact that the courts are for people and people are not for the courts. Hence, the procedure and practice in the courts must be people-friendly for easy access to justice, the plea said.

The plea also mentioned the use of single-side printing of the legal-size paper in comparison to the double-side printing of the A4 paper is detrimental to the health of our environment as there would be more cutting of trees, more wastage of paper and degradation of the environment.

According to the petition, the High Courts of Kerala, Tripura and Calcutta have also implemented the use of A4-size paper and printing on both sides for all purposes.

Hence, without any further delay, it becomes necessary for the Delhi High Court immediately to adopt a similar practice..., the plea said. (ANI)