Delhi Govt to Stop Putting Posters Outside House of People Under Home Isolation After Contracting COVID-19, Aims to Reduce Stigma

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Delhi, October 9: The Delhi administration took the decision on Thursday to stop putting posters outside the house of people who are under home quarantine after contracting the coronavirus disease. According to a Hindustan Times report, officials cited that they recognised the unnecessary stigma associated with the disease and doing away with the measure, will encourage more people to get tested.

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District officials have been asked to remove posters from outside the residences of Covid-19 patients currently under home isolation – 12,890 individuals, according to Thursday’s health bulletin. The government will continue to monitor each home patient as it does.

The decision to do away with posters is aimed at reducing hesitation among people. It happens because there is a stigma attached to the coronavirus disease. Officials further believe that at this stage there is enough awareness among the people about coronavirus.

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The posters were put up outside the houses of people under home isolation mentioning the house number of the patient, the date on which the individual tested positive, and the date when the home isolation is supposed to end. They carry a disclosure that a coronavirus infected people is there inside. It thus encouraged people in the vicinity to maintain precautions and also helped them to keep a track and monitor the health of the infected patient. But there have also been reports that it has led to social stigma in some neighbourhoods.