Delhi Govt Procuring Oxygen Cylinders, Hospitals Need Not do it Themselves: Govt Order

Delhi government on Saturday said it is in the process of procuring oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinders and directed hospitals under it to not procure them for Covid-19 patients, according to an official order issued on Saturday.

In an order issued on June 9, the government had directed medical directors of all the designated COVID hospitals under Delhi government to arrange oxygen supply for all the hospital beds. However, the government, in supercession of its earlier order, said hospitals may now not procure oxygen concentrators or oxygen cylinders.

"The Health Department is already in the process of procurement of 18,000 D-type cylinders, 3,000 B-type cylinders and around 3,000 oxygen concentrators centrally," the order said.

"The cylinders and concentrators will be procured shortly and will be allocated to the respective hospitals in a staggered manner as per their requirement and as per the receipt from the suppliers," it said.

It is also directed that consumables and ancillary devices such as regulators, breathing circuits, masks, nasal prongs, cannulas, filters, flow metres, trolley stand etc. to make the oxygen cylinders operational may be procured by the hospitals as per their need and stock position, it added.