Delhi Govt Launches COVID-19 App For Real-time Information On Vacant Hospital Beds

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday launched the 'Delhi Corona' app that will give information to patients about the availability of beds in private and government hospitals. He said that if patients are unable to get a bed despite the app showing availability at a hospital, they can call on the helpline number 1031 and a special secretary (health) will ensure they are given a bed.

Kejriwal said the app will fill the information gap that exists regarding the availability of facilities for novel coronavirus patients. "There are many places where coronavirus has spread in a big way. There were shortages of beds, ventilators and ICUs, leading to a large number of deaths," he said in an online briefing.

"In Delhi, cases are increasing, but we have made sufficient arrangements for ventilators and beds in hospitals. We are several steps ahead of coronavirus," the chief minister said. According to Kejriwal, 6,731 beds are available in private and government hospitals, out of which 4,100 are vacant.

"People are not aware of it," he said, adding, "we are launching an app today and it has details of all the beds, ventilators and ICUs available at private and government hospitals." It will be updated twice during the day at 10 am and 6 pm, he added.

Kejriwal said if the app showed that a bed was available at a hospital but the facility refuses admission, the patient could call the government helpline number 1031 and register a complaint. The Health Department Special Secretary will ensure that the person gets a bed, Kejriwal said. "Only 2,600 people needed to be admitted at a hospital out of more than 20,000 patients," he said. "If the hospital tells after examination that you that can be treated at home, please listen to them."

The government has deployed a team that will be in touch with the patients during home isolation and, if they become serious, it will ensure that they get a bed. In an online briefing last week, Kejriwal had announced that the government will be launching an app to inform people about the status and availability of beds and ventilators in hospitals.