Delhi Govt to Follow UP in Cancelling Holidays on VIPs’ Birthdays

“So we ask the BJP to shell out their own cash for their anniversary advertisements,” Manish Sisodia said. 

Taking cue from Yogi Adiyanath’s decision to cancel state holidays that fall on eminent personalities’ birthdays in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia announced that the state government will follow suit soon.

Sisodia’s tweet in Hindi read that the Delhi government too will cancel holidays that were given to mark the birth and death anniversaries of renowned persons.

Lauding the UP government’s step to do away with these holidays, Sisodia tweeted that the state government should always be ready to learn from their contemporaries.

He further added that the Centre’s support to the Delhi government’s community clinics and the movement to remove beacon lights from politicians’ cars has encouraged the government.