Delhi Govt Will Aim To Clean Yamuna River in 3 Years After Defeating Coronavirus, Says Health Minister Satyendar Jain

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New Delhi, 16 February: Health Minister of Delhi Shri Satyendar Jain on the completion of one year of the Delhi Government, today said that after defeating Coronavirus, Delhi Government will aim to clean the Yamuna river in 3 years from now. He also said that 13,66,000 people got zero water bills during the last year. He also said that 73% of people got zero electricity bill during Coronavirus. Delhi's Electric-Vehicle police will aid in minimising the vehicular pollution.

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Talking about the Delhi Government's policy for its remaining term of four years, Shri Satyendar Jain said, "Everyone is appreciating the Delhi Government for its policies. Nobody believed us when we promised to provide 24x7 electricity, but today, the Delhi government is providing 24×7 electricity to the people of Delhi.

We will now provide 24×7 water supply as well. CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal has given clear instructions to complete the clean Yamuna project as soon as possible and we are working day and night for this. He has asked us to complete this clean Yamuna project within 5 years, out of which 1 year has already been exhausted. But now we will clean it up before 5 years i.e. 3 years from now. Delhi Govt to Soon Start Facilitating Registration of E-Autos, Says Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot.

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Many people who have been running the government for a long time think that it is impossible but we will make it happen. After a year we will show you the status of the clean Yamuna project. We will clean the Yamuna river and set an example to the world."

Talking about transportation, Shri Jain said, "We are pushing for Delhi's Electric-Vehicle Policy to minimize the vehicular pollution in Delhi. Our Electric-Vehicle Policy is appreciated by all that it's a very progressive policy. We are also setting up 100 charging stations where 500 charging points will be made.

These charging points will facilitate a person to charge its vehicle in case it gets discharged. We are at war against pollution. From the time our government has formed, Delhi's pollution has gone down extensively except November and December as during these months stubble burning takes around Delhi that pollutes the air."

Talking about the Coronavirus Shri Satyendar Jain said, "The world has never seen such a disaster after the 1918 Spanish Flu. After almost 102 years such a disaster has taken place, which we know as Coronavirus pandemic. The Delhi Government has firmly fought the war with Corona. People of Delhi are happy that they have chosen the Delhi Government for the second term. We have provided 37 people with aid of ₹1 Cr, which includes 9 corona warriors, 19 Delhi Police personnel, 3 Army and BSF personnel. We have also introduced the home isolation process and asked asymptomatic people to stay at home in isolation.

Delhi Government has also provided them with aid during home isolation by calling them twice a day, giving door-step delivery of medicines, providing on-call ambulance service so that the ambulance can reach them within 15 minutes. We have also provided Pulse Oximeter to everybody so that they can monitor their oxygen levels from time to time and shift to the hospital in case their oxygen level drops. We have provided every facility and treated 3,12,000 people at home isolation. No city in India and the world have prepared as many beds as Delhi did to Coronavirus.

We have prepared 18,800. We had almost 7,000 vacant beds at the time when Delhi reported 8,600 patients in one day while the roads in New York were flooded with patients when the cases were at 5,600 cases per day. Delhi Government not only provided services to people of Delhi but also to the ones who live outside Delhi. Delhi Government was prepared in every sense to meet the demands for an increasing number of beds." E-Vehicles Exempted From Road Tax, Announces Delhi Government.

Talking about the development and progress during Covid pandemic Shri Satyendar Jain said, "Almost a year is about to end and people who were getting free electricity are getting it free, those who were getting at the half rates continued to get on half rates. In the last billing cycle, 73% of people got zero electricity bills. Even the water bill of 13,66,000 people was zero. We have provided pension benefits to all. We have also given the aid of ₹5000 per person to 156000 auto and driver taxi drivers in Delhi. 44,000 construction workers were given ₹ 10000 per person. Delhi Government has fought at all fronts to provide better services to the people."