At Delhi University event, women call out sexism in quizzing

Ananya Tiwari
An event called ‘Sexism and Harassment in the Quizzing Circuit’ was held at Ramjas College Friday.

“When I joined the quzzing society as a fresher, I felt very unwelcome and ignored,” said Shanya Sinha (19), a quizzer from Delhi University’s Sri Venkateswara College. “Senior quizzers would approach and interact with only male freshers,” she she.

Sinha was among the quizzers from DU who called out the “sexist and exclusionary” behaviour experienced by women in the capital’s quizzing community, at an event called ‘Sexism and Harassment in the Quizzing Circuit’ held at Ramjas College Friday.

Excluding women entrants, choosing men over women irrespective of the experience and knowledge, and doubting the credibility of women were among the issues raised at the event.

“Such exclusionary acts are like warnings to aspiring freshers, who are discouraged from entering the circuit,” said Sinha.

“Women are systematically excluded from educational spaces such as debating or quizzing. As a result, they drop out of such activities,” said Ayushi Aishwarya (20), president of the Ramjas College debating society.

Kanika Yadav (21), former president of the Miranda House quizzing society, said, “Men quizzers normally ignore women, but in the absence of women in teams, they take one girl in.”

The Ramjas quizzing society will introduce an equity policy to address the issue, said Sarkar.

“It is all about making a space pleasant for women so that they are encouraged to enter the quizzing circuit,” Yadav added.