Delhi double murder: Body kept in suitcase was bought for valuables

Shiv Sunny
The accused, Davinder Kaur alias Sonia, drugged and killed her father, 54-year-old Gurmeet Singh on February 21, and then used the same modus operandi to kill her mother, 46-year-old Jageer Kaur, on March 2, according to police.

When 54-year-old Gurmeet Singh returned to Delhi from Dubai early last year after working there in the furniture business for years, he brought with him a bluish-green suitcase — to be used exclusively to keep the valuables the family owned.

On Saturday, when a police team embarked upon a search operation to find Gurmeet, who had been missing for over two weeks by then, they found his body inside a drain and stuffed in the same suitcase.

“My father kept some cash, a lot of jewellery and our property documents in that suitcase. He really valued it,” said Gurmeet’s son, Pradeep Singh, who works as a chef in Kuwait.

Investigators have arrested Gurmeet’s 26-year-old daughter, Davinder Kaur alias Sonia, and her boyfriend for killing him and his wife, Jageer Kaur.

“My sister not only killed our parents, she also insulted our memories of them,” said Pradeep at a crematorium on Monday. “During my brief interaction with her, she smiled and said she had given ‘mukti’ to our parents,” Pradeep added.

According to Seju P Kuruvilla, deputy commissioner of police (outer Delhi), Sonia and her 29-year-old boyfriend, Prince Dixit alias Vikram, had killed the couple to usurp their house in Chander Vihar in outer Delhi.

The revelation, however, did not come as a surprise to the family. Police said that several weeks ago, Sonia’s family had caught her forging her father’s signature in an attempt to usurp the property. She is also suspected to have stolen the cash and jewellery, worth Rs 7-Rs 8 lakh, from the same suitcase earlier.

“She had forged my father’s signature, but had done it in English. My father signs in Punjabi. She had also got the spelling of his name wrong,” said Pradeep. He claimed his parents had reported the matter to police, but police denied receiving any such complaint. Sonia’s relatives, however, are unable to understand how she would have grabbed the family’s property, as alleged by police. Sonia is the oldest of four siblings — two brothers and a sister. “She has always taken wrong decisions in life. Had she realised she wouldn’t have got the property, our parent would have been alive,” said Sonia’s sister, Harjinder Kaur.

A senior police officer said Sonia banked upon several factors when she allegedly planned to grab the property. “The parents had disowned one of her brother for marrying against their wishes. Another brother is settled in Kuwait. Her sister lives in Punjab. She thought killing her parents would allow her to transfer her property in her name,” said the officer.

She allegedly hoped to at least take a loan by keeping the property mortgage, police said. All through, Vikram, who had allegedly been guiding her, used the services of a Delhi-based property dealer to go about the grabbing business, police said. But the property dealer wasn’t party to the murder plot, police added.