Delhi-Dehradun Expressway: Soon, travel from Delhi to Dehradun in just 2.5 hours! Details here

Pratishtha Nangia

Delhi-Dehradun Expressway: Soon you will be able to travel from Delhi to Dehradun in just 2.5 hours! Amid the rapid construction of expressways in India, the Centre has approved the construction of an expressway between Delhi and Dehradun. The construction of elevated expressway is expected to shorten the distance between these two cities and bring it down to just 180 kilometres, PTI reported. Currently, the route from Delhi to Dehradun is around 250 kilometres. The Delhi-Dehradun Expressway project is also likely to shorten the travel time by half to just two and a half hours.

Trivendra Singh Rawat, Chief Minister of Uttarakhand was informed about this decision by SS Sandhu, Chairman of the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) who paid a courtesy call at the CM’s residence. The construction work of Doon-Delhi elevated expressway is expected to begin soon. The report further said that tourism will get a big boost with this construction and the Delhi-Dehradun expressway may prove to be a milestone, giving impetus to economic development.

The state government has said it will extend all support to NHAI for the construction work of Delhi-Dehradun expressway. As a part of this project, there will be an elevated road on the route, and a new tunnel near Mohand (Dehradun outskirts). While some parts of highway will pass from the state of Uttar Pradesh, NHAI Chairman has also asked Uttarkhand CM to further request UP government for clearance involving forest and other environmental aspects in order to expedite the project.

Apart from this, the National Highway Authority of India has been working on many expressway projects simultaneously. The government is working on the Delhi-Mumbai expressway which is expected to be completed in three years time and will cut down the distance between the two cities by 280 km. As a result, travellers can reach Mumbai from Delhi in 12 hours.