Delhi couple kills niece to hide rape attempt, arrested

A couple from Delhi's Nand Nagri area arrested for killing their niece. DCP of north-east, Ved Prakash Surya gave highlights of the incident and informed, "We got a call on October 25 at Nand Nagri Police Station where the complainant complaint about a woman's body being held in a house. We immediately took the action and found a woman's body there. So, at first it seemed to be the matter of murder. We investigated and got to know that this woman was living with her uncle and aunt and was studying here. We questioned victim's aunt and we got to know that her uncle, named Wakeel is absconding. We suspected him and started investigation. We sent a team to Bihar and another to Hyderabad. We found him in Bihar. We questioned him and he accepted his crime. He tried to assault her niece but was backed off by the victim. Wakeel's wife asked him to kill the girl due to increasing fight. Wakeel killed her and his wife supported him in committing the crime. They put the body in a bed. Now, police has arrested both of them."