How a Delhi Cop Helped Find Student’s Food Bag Sent by His Mother All the Way From Bihar

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In Delhi, Deputy Commissioner of Police Jitendra Mani Tripathi has become the talk of the town for his display of integrity and honesty towards a stranger in the city.

The official, who serves as the DCP of Railways and Metro in New Delhi, received a WhatsApp message on Friday night from an unknown number. The message, from a Delhi Metro commuter read that he had left his bag, full of sattu chapatis and other dishes made by his mother, in a metro train. The passenger requested Tripathi to help find the bag.

DCP Tripathi saw the message at around 10 pm and swiftly took action. The bag was found after about two hours.

The commuter was identified as Rishabh, a graduate from Allahabad University who stays in South Delhi’s Saket to prepare for competitive examinations. He has not visited his home town Chapra in Bihar since last 10 months.

So when Rishabh’s friend decided to come to Delhi from Chapra, his mother sent along some sattu roti, gujiya and other dishes for her son.

On Friday, Rishabh took the bag from his friend and boarded the metro from Laxmi Nagar station for Saket. When he interchanged the train at the Rajiv Chowk metro station, he realised his bag was left in the metro train running on the Dwarka route. Rishabh then received the number of DCP Jitendra Mani Tripathi from a former student of Allahabad and gave the information about the missing the bag.

As per the DCP, the bag was found at 12 am, two hours after he received Rishabh’s WhatsApp message.