Delhi Cong protests against water shortage outside CM's residence

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New Delhi, Jul 16 (PTI) A group of Delhi Congress workers staged a demonstration outside Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's residence here over water shortage and supply of dirty drinking water in the national capital.

It was led by Delhi Congress president Anil Kumar.

'For the past two months, Delhiites have been bearing severe water shortage, but the Delhi chief minister has been touring other states promising 'free power and water', though he has not been able to address the water shortage in Delhi for the past seven years.

'The Delhi Jal Board, which was running on profits when Congress was in power, is now under Rs 57,000 crore debt, which was the 'contribution' of the Kejriwal government,' Kumar said in a statement issued by the party.

According to the statement, Congress workers had assembled at Parmanand hospital in Civil Lines before marching towards the chief minister's residence, but the police halted them midway on Kejriwal's direction.

The CM also refused to meet a Congress delegation to listen to their water woes, it added.

During the protest, Congress workers shouted anti-Delhi government slogans like “Kejriwal Ka Yahi Fanda Hai, Rajdhani Ka Paani Ganda Hai”, “Beemari Nahi Paani Do, Dilli Ko Swachh Paani Do” and “Dilli Ki Dukhad Kahani, Peene Ke Liye Ganda Paani”, and carried placards and banners to express their ire.

Prominent Congress members who participated in the demonstration include former MLAs Mateen Ahmed, Anil Bhardwaj, Vijay Lochav, Kunwar Karan Singh, Rajesh Jain, Amrish Gautam and Darshana Ramkumar, DPCC vice-presidents Abhishek Dutt and Ali Mehndi, Delhi Pradesh Mahila Congress president Amrita Dhawan, Delhi Pradesh Youth Congress president Ranvijay Singh, and municipal councillors Sushila Khorwal, Darshana Yatav, and Zubair Ahmed. PTI TRS IJT

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