Delhi Confidential: The Foreign Trip

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi s decision to travel abroad in the middle of Assembly poll campaigns in Haryana and Maharashtra has triggered much speculation. Some Congress leaders believe he is not happy and link his trip abroad to the sidelining of his appointees. Ashok Tanwar, who quit the party Saturday, was always seen as a Rahul man. Tanwar had argued there was a conspiracy in the party to eliminate young leaders groomed by Rahul. Sources close to Rahul, however, reject that. They say he will return next Wednesday and hit the campaign trail in both states. They say it is a three-four day trip and nothing more should be read into it. Reports that he was in Bangkok are not right, they said, but would not disclose where he is. Some party leaders believe he is in Cambodia on a meditation retreat. Vaastu Question When a Union minister was allotted a residence that housed a cabinet minister during the previous government, the latter came and showed him the works he had got done in the house. The former minister, who is also senior to him in the ruling party, explained to the new occupant that the works had been done keeping in mind required facilites for a cabinet minister. But, the junior minister said he would like to get everything changed because of the Vaastu advice he had received. But the senior said he too got the Vaastu checked before getting the house restructured. This has left the former minister wondering, how can Vaastu factors be different for the same house now? Playing The Host AT a lunch hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his Bangladesh counterpart Sheikh Hasina during the Navratri, Delhi served a vegetarian fare for the visiting delegation from Bangladesh. It had delicious Bengali delicacies like mochar chop, begun potol bhaja, motorshutir dhokar dalna, and sandesh trifle and gurer mishti doi as dessert. While the lunch was on, there was live music too songs like Raghupati Raghav, Hothon se Chhu Lo Tum and Bengali numbers like Tomar Holo Shuru were sung.