Delhi CM Kejriwal announces oxygen concentrator banks, home delivery

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Delhi CM Kejriwal announces oxygen concentrator banks, home delivery
Delhi CM Kejriwal announces oxygen concentrator banks, home delivery

15 May 2021: Delhi CM Kejriwal announces oxygen concentrator banks, home delivery

Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi, today said that oxygen concentrator banks have been set up in all districts in Delhi to strengthen the national capital's fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 patients in home isolation in the city can apply for home delivery of these machines right at their doorsteps, the Chief Minister said.

Details: 200 oxygen concentrators in each bank

In every district of Delhi, there will be a bank with 200 oxygen concentrators, Kejriwal said in a televised briefing today.

"It has been seen that COVID patients often need to get admitted to ICUs when they are not given medical oxygen when needed. Many patients sometimes die. We have set up these banks to fulfill these gaps," he said.

Details: 'Our team will reach you within 2 hours'

Kejriwal said a team of the Delhi government would reach the patient within two hours of their request.

Patients who have been discharged from a hospital but still require medical oxygen for treatment can also avail this service.

Any patient can dial the helpline number - 1031 - to get added to the government's list of patients isolated at their homes.

Fact: '1 person with technical knowledge will be part of team'

"If any patient - in home isolation - needs medical oxygen, our teams will reach at their doorstep within two hours. One person - aware of the technical know-how will be a part of the team to help the patient and their families," Kejriwal added.

Situation: Dozens died due to oxygen shortage amid COVID-19 surge

Much like several parts of India, Delhi had been witnessing an unprecedented spike in coronavirus cases over the past few weeks. In mid-April, daily cases had reached nearly 30,000.

Due to the surge, hospitals across the city remained overwhelmed and reported an acute shortage of beds and oxygen.

In fact, dozens died due to oxygen shortage, inviting severe criticism for state and central governments.

Future: Delhi's daily cases coming down, positivity rate falls

The graph concerning new coronavirus cases is finally coming down in Delhi - the city reported 8,500 fresh COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours.

The positivity rate also dropped to 12%, the city government said.

Delhi has been under a lockdown since April 19 to contain coronavirus transmission, which was made even stricter last Sunday.

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