Delhi: Bird flu cases reported from the zoo; serological surveillance to continue

The National Zoological Park, also known as Delhi Zoo in the national capital, has registered another confirmed case of bird flu. In the light of the bird flu outbreak, a total of seven samples obtained from four separate areas of the zoo were sent for examination. Officials reported on Tuesday that all of the seven samples were positive for bird flu.

More than seven states across the country registered confirmed avian influenza cases in January of this year. This prompted the central government to issue guidelines to zoos and national parks, to advise them to track the deaths of birds and, without wasting time, to report such matters to the competent authorities. Earlier this year, samples from dead crows obtained from the Red Fort in Delhi have tested positive for bird flu. The Delhi government, had as a precautionary measure, banned the import of chicken into the national capital. However, shortly after, the order was revoked.