After Delhi’s ‘baba ka dhaba’, helps pour in for elderly man selling medicinal plants on roadside

Bengaluru, Oct 28 (ANI): A picture made a drastic change in the life of Revanna Siddappa, a 79-year-old elderly man used to sell medicinal saplings on road side. Siddappa’s story remind about ‘baba ka dhaba’, a Delhi-based elderly used to sell roadside food, whose shop got famous after a video. Similar to ‘baba ka dhaba’ story, Revanna Siddappa’s picture got viral on social media in which he was selling plant saplings sitting on roadside. After watching his picture on social media, locals have provided him with the table, chair and an umbrella. The 79-year-old man sells medicinal plant saplings at Kanakapura road for the past three years.