Delhi Assembly passes Skills and Entrepreneurship University Bill

New Delhi [India], Dec 3 (ANI): The Delhi Assembly on Tuesday passed the Delhi Skills and Entrepreneurship University Bill, which, according to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, will provide a solution to the rising unemployment. "Delhi Skills and Entrepreneurship University Bill will provide a solution to the increasing unemployment and economic slowdown in the country," the Chief Minister said. While presenting the Bill in the House, Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Manish Sisodia said: "Today, a big dream comes true. Nearly half of the population in India is under 25. They should get dignified and quality education as their right. This university will create not only job seekers but also job givers." Participating in the discussion on the Bill, the Chief Minister said, "Nowadays, unemployment is very high. Our youth is extremely worried about unemployment. The economic condition of the country is very alarming. Our youth is completely clueless where they will find jobs. They are still searching for jobs in the market with degrees and unable to find one. The Bill provides an answer to these pressing questions." He said that the University will not be bureaucratically controlled, but will be driven by professionalism and requirements of the industry and job markets. "Skill departments and centers can't achieve this larger goal," he said. "The first milestone of the university will be providing 100 per cent placement for its graduates. Graduates of this university will definitely get jobs. Further, students of this university will create jobs for others through their entrepreneurial ventures. The university will focus on industry interface and futuristic research of the job markets, creating jobs and preparing the youth to be employable," a press release quoted the Chief Minister as saying. Explaining the features of the University, Sisodia said: "This university will have three unique features: first, the university will design and run courses in consonance with the industry requirements, in contrast to the conventional imparting of obsolete knowledge and skills resulting in the existing skills and entrepreneurship institutions in the country; secondly, there will be a dedicated unit to research on the market trends and requirements in a futuristic way, so that continuous updating of the courses and pedagogy can be systematically achieved; third, tie-up with industrial establishments to produce and assimilate the graduates". "The university will emulate the highly successful models in Australia, Germany, Finland, and Brazil. Syllabus, lab infrastructure, and human resources will be continuously upgraded to match the requirements of the job markets. The university will facilitate a high-end interface with the industry. Once it becomes full-fledged, this university will produce 1 lakh graduates every year. Delhi will be made the most sought-after destination for skill and entrepreneurship training," Sisodia said. (ANI)

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