Delhi Assembly Elections: 13 Cases against AAP for Violating Model Code of Conduct


New Delhi: A total of 13 FIRs have been registered against Delhi's ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) for violating the model code of conduct, an official said on Wednesday.

Addressing a press conference here, Ranbir Singh, Chief Electoral Officer of Delhi, said a total of 228 FIRs have been registered over poll code violations of which 13 -- the maximum on a political party was against the AAP.

He said two FIRs were filed against the BJP, six against the Congress and 215 FIRs were filed against non-political bodies.

The state election commission said it would make all efforts to bring the percentage of voting in the upcoming February 8 assembly elections above the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

Besides, the poll body said, it would ensure that the polls were conducted in a peaceful manner. Singh said that due to the election commission's strictness, its teams registered 228 FIRs in a single day on January 21. All FIRs are related to violation of the code of conduct.

On Tuesday, 210 cases were registered in different parts of Delhi under the Arms Act. In these, 231 people were arrested, and a considerable quantity of drugs were also seized.

A total of 12 cases were registered for enticing voters. There are some cases in which illegal election meetings were held. Some cases of use of loudspeakers for illegal campaigning were also registered.

The Chief Electoral Officer told IANS: "On January 21, 562 cases were registered in the state under the Excise Act and 567 people were arrested. Similarly, 289 non-licensed weapons, 337 cartridges were also seized. 4,504 licensed weapons have also been deposited. Action was taken against 62,599 people."

Singh added: "The result of the hard work of the Election Office and its teams is that, on January 21, Rs 1,15,29,920 in cash was seized."

The assembly election in Delhi is scheduled to be held on February 8 and the votes would be counted on February 11