Delhi Among Top 10 Worst-affected Covid Districts, Situation 'Severe', Warns Health Ministry

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The Health Ministry on Tuesday said the country had seen a dip in Covid-19 cases till February-mid this year, but from then on had registered an increase in many areas.

Here is your ten-point cheat sheet to the briefing:

• Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said there are 10 districts across the country that have the most number of active cases – Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur, Thane, Nashik, Aurangabad, Bengaluru Urban, Nanded, Delhi and Ahmednagar.

• 47 districts of these states were briefed by Heath Ministry officials.

• The government asked them to ramp up testing with focus on RT-PCR tests; implement effective and prompt isolation of those infected and tracing of their close contacts; strengthen public and private health care resources; and to ensure Covid appropriate behavior. The government also asked them to saturate vaccination for priority age groups in districts reporting surge in cases.

• The Ministry said there was a five times-rise in cases, and that without effective tracing and isolating “we let the virus go out of control”, while warning that the situation could now be considered “severe”.

• The weekly national average positivity rate is 5.65%. Maharashtra has a weekly average of 23%, Punjab has a weekly average of 8.82%, Chhattisgarh 8%, Madhya Pradesh 7.82%, Tamil Nadu 2.50%, Karnataka 2.45%, Gujarat 2.2% & Delhi 2.04%, he said.

• Bhushan said Punjab was not doing enough testing nor was able to isolate positive people.

• He also pointed out how out of the top ten worst-affected districts in India, eight were in Maharashtra, and one each in Delhi and Bengaluru.

• Total doses of vaccination administered so far stands at 6,11,13,354.

• According to a government survey, 97% people were satisfied with overall vaccine experience.

• The government said 806 cases had been reported of the UK variant of the coronavirus, 47 of the South African variant and one of the Brazilian.