Delhi 8-year-old murder case solved: Family says they never lost hope — until now

Jignasa Sinha
Ravi Kumar and Shakuntala got married in 2011. Less than two months later, Ravi was murdered. (Express photo)

For the last eight years, 54-year-old Jai Bhagwan kept hope alive that his son, Ravi, was alive. He even went looking for him in Alwar, where the family hails from. But on Sunday night, a call from a relative in Alwar confirmed his worst fear after he heard that 25 human bones — suspected to be Ravi’s — were exhumed from a plot there.

“On March 22, 2011, my son and his wife went out but only one of them returned. Shakuntala, my daughter-in-law, told me Ravi met some friends on the way. She was nonchalant about his absence, so I went to the police station at night and filed a missing persons report. I pressured police to see her as a suspect...,” said Bhagwan.

Ravi is survived by his parents and two younger siblings. “I went to Alwar often to look for him. We never lost hope,” said Bhagwan.

Ravi and Shakuntala met each other with the prospect of marriage through her sister in 2011. “Two days after he went missing, she too left and was not in touch with anyone. We are shocked that police have not found her yet...,” said Bhagwan.

Less than 2 km away stays Shakuntala’s sister, who said she has no idea about her whereabouts since 2017.

“On the day of the incident, she came to my house and had tea. She said Ravi had gone to meet some friends. At night, she called and said he was missing. From 2011-17, she was in Alwar and then one day, she just left. We’ve never heard from her since,” said Kamlesh.

In 2017, main accused Kamal Singla and Shakuntala went missing. DCP (Crime Branch) Joy Tirkey said they met in 2009 but couldn’t get married as they “belonged to different communities”.