Delhi: 3 Women Allege Harassment at Delhi Restaurant, Share Harrowing Experience on Facebook

Team Latestly

New Delhi, September 23: A woman took to Facebook to share the harrowing experience she and her friends had at a restaurant in South Delhi. The woman posted photos of the men who allegedly misbehaved and abused her. According to reports, police are trying to track down the culprit and they are looking through the CCTV footages.

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Taking to Facebook, the woman in details wrote: “Two men sat behind our table and one of them rested his arm on my chair. I moved my chair as his arm was very close to her (the woman's friend) head. At doing this the other man sitting with him pushed my chair very aggressively, to which I went flying ahead.” 28% Delhi Women Get Harassment Calls, SMSes: Truecaller.

Check Facebook Post:

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Here is the second part of the post

“We got up immediately to correct him, as to why and how could he push someone's chair? To which started yelling on top of his voice. He turned around said a couple of things back and forth and the most obscene and obnoxious thing by spreading his legs and sitting inappropriately on the chair, pointing to his male part, said the following: 'come and B*** me, f*** you', (sic),” she added.

The post further said, “And soon after, he lifted his right leg and put it up towards my face and stated 'Lick my foot, you look like my maid and you all are south Delhi aunties'. This incident shook us immensely, to which the manager sent them to the first floor of the restaurant to calm him down. Within less than five minutes, the two men had the audacity to come back and sit at the same table which was behind us. For the next 25 minutes, the two of them sat right behind my chair and acted extremely arrogantly. So much so when (one of her friends) was taking a picture, he cheekily pouted and blew kisses in the air... The manager of the restaurant was cooperative but unfortunately not well informed about what to do in such situations."

The men finally left the restaurant after one of the women attempted to call the cops.