DEFI technology model of independent public chain MUSO finance exceeding 99% of total

Alena Rinwi
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MUSO System blockchain DEFI —— the Macedonian blockchain distributed financial platform, Based on the decentralized identity and decentralized scoring system, the whole category of financial products trading DeFi platform, Founded by the United States Macedonian block Financial Services Co.,Ltd—— Macedonia Block Financial Services Limited, And set up the Muso asset investment foundation——MUSO Asset Management Foundation, We’ve got multiple funds, Among them are Singapore’s Global digital asset investment foundation.—— Global Digital Asset Investment Foundation, The UK’s Global digital investment foundation—— Global Digital Lead Foundation and Foundation、DRAPER、Cyberfund, MUSO have obtained MSB financial licences issued by the U.S. Treasury, and the Securities and Exchange Commission (US Securities and Exchange Commission,) of the United States Abbreviations SEC) issued RIA financial investment license. Based on the MUSO independent public chain, a new generation of open financial ecological platform is established on the basis of the top financial trading market.

MUSO Technical Features of the Common Chain

MUSO independent public chain is an open source decentralized trading agreement that allows all currencies that meet the MUSO ·20 to trade on it, facilitating DEFI investment by all categories of digital money investors. The goal is to become a shared infrastructure MUSO various DAPP in Macedonian ecology and provide technical standards for block chain ecology.MUSO the public chain has the characteristic of de-trust, the user investment will not be unable to work because of the server failure as the central organization, thus eliminating the risk in the transaction.

MUSO common chain adopts VDPoS (DPoS+pBFT) consensus algorithm to solve the problem of decentralization and security by introducing verification nodes into the traditional DPoS consensus mechanism. The vertical and horizontal expansion of the common chain is realized by multi-main chain + multi-sub-chain architecture. The data is stored in layers, global data state is saved, and business data is supported by structured chain and transaction.

To solve the high frequency and high performance financial commercial demand, MUSO technical architecture design will refer to the mature existing Internet network structure for re-innovation design, with four layers of block chain network structure: common chain layer; protocol contract and Oracle network layer; modular interface application layer, can meet the DeFi ecological complete block chain technology network.

  • common chain layer will be the underlying main chain; solve the problem of trust and consensus in distributed scenarios, mainly responsible for asset issuance, asset transmission / storage / destruction, contract deployment, consensus, data chain verification, network voting and other functions. It ensures the high concurrency and security of the network.

  • multi-chain parallel side chain layer will be multi-chain parallel; through pluggable, multi-consensus algorithm co-exist mechanism, and through intelligent contract execution confirmation and block generation each adopt independent consensus mechanism, in order to reduce the additional links of inclusion processing in the block generation process; the platform supports plug-in consensus algorithm, according to different business scenarios, can access different side chains.

  • protocol contract and Oracle network layer; the combination of financial business and block chain needs to be realized through secure, scalable, a certain number of intelligent contracts, including asset issuance contracts, asset custody contracts, dispute dispute contracts and so on. MUSO set up protocol contract and Oracle network layer in the technical architecture, which will provide visual, plug-in common intelligent contract language and intelligent contract template in various financial fields. In order to solve the problem of interaction between block chain system and external data, the consensus system of block chain system can be verified credibly. Before the deployed Oracle protocol ensures the external data to be linked, the reliability proof has been obtained.

  • modular interface application layer; in the MUSO, the project initiator only needs to pay attention to the business logic of the product itself and call the module / protocol in the same way as building blocks. It can realize the functions needed for its business and deploy it on the public chain of its choice. Provide ⾏ bottom API docking to ⽀ different financial should ⽤ scenarios to build various financial should services to achieve direct, simple and efficient connection and interaction.

An independent public chain reveals MUSO uniqueness

The DEFI, to distinguish ETH categories is a unique MUSO public chain network.

Current DEFI rely on Ethernet ecology, often limited by the underlying performance of Ethernet.

Ethernet Square is an application development platform with many applications in its chain. DEFI application needs to compete for system resources with other applications, which greatly affects the operation of DEFI products.

MUSO is an independent main chain dedicated to DEFI service. All resources in its chain serve DEFI products, and no unrelated applications compete for precious system resources on the chain.

These products are composed of a certain amount of intelligent contracts, using the functions provided by the digital assets flowing on the ETH and the ETH public chain to realize the same functions as the traditional financial instruments.

At present, the DEFI products on Ethernet Square are in a period similar to the Civil War of America. Thanks to the openness of Ethernet ecology, different R & D teams can develop different products, and different products can be nested together. Like building blocks, thus giving DEFI product “digital Lego” reputation. However, the lack of a uniform audit mechanism and contract standards, coupled with different compatibility between products, can easily lead to Bug. due to inconsistent compatibility.

Therefore, MUSO will establish audit mechanism and contract standard on DEFI products, lay a solid foundation for MUSO DEFI ecology and realize the evolution of DEFI ecological civilization.

The MUSO, of the independent public chain will allow today’s DEFI concept to evolve from the initial “financial reformers” to the “financial revolutionaries “. Block chain technology began to transform from applications serving finance to reshaping finance, catalyzing its rapid landing.

Greater choice of market homogeneity than effort

A common chain suitable for high burst DEFI must have the following characteristics:

  1. robustness —— security: resistance to double-flower attacks; survivability: continuous progress in trading activities

  2. performance: high throughput, quick confirmation; higher throughput, lower handling charges

  3. decentralization: scalable to a large number of nodes without access mechanisms

MUSO Macedonian block chain distributed financial platform ,” technology, ecology, finance “three major power, perfect all-class financial derivatives Turing complete, for the global financial efficient information transmission and value transmission to provide the most convenient path.

Three goals: DEFI ecology, public chain carrier, integrated community, for the DEFI of distributed finance outlook!

Independent public chain MUSO-DEFI, more efficient, safer, higher returns.

Facing the dazzling market DEFI block chain, I have made my choice. What about you?