Defence lawyer argues Sarfaraz's murder was not terrorism

Karachi, July 1(ANI): The lawyer of an accused in the Sarfaraz Shah murder case has argued that the latter's killing was not the case of terrorism.

He said Sarfaraz Shah died due to excessive bleeding and not due to terrorism.

It may be recalled that Pakistan Rangers Pakistan security forces had killed an unarmed Sarfaraz Shah, in a Karachi park on June 8 following accusations of robbery.

During proceedings in an Anti-Terrorism Court, a lawyer for the accused said Sarfaraz Shah and his accomplices had robbed a family at the Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Park.

Consequently, the victimized family complained about him and the Rangers caught him red- handed and his accomplices fled from the scene, The Geo TV reports.

When the Rangers told Sarfaraz to sit down, he held on to a gun belonging to one of the Rangers. They thought believed that he was trying to snatch the gun from them. (ANI)