Defence land required for public use can now be exchanged for equal value infrastructure: MOD

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New Delhi, Oct 26 (PTI) Defence land needed to create public infrastructure can now be provided if the acquirer is willing to establish equal value infrastructure (EVI) for the organisation owning the land, said the Ministry of Defence.

Till now, defence land could be provided for public use in exchange of equal value land or on payment basis.

Talking about the recent development, Defence Ministry Secretary Ajay Kumar said on Twitter on Saturday, 'NHAI, metros, state governments etc can offer equal value infrastructure in lieu of defence land required by them.' Armed forces will benefit as their infrastructure needs will be met with the new policy approved by the Defence Ministry, he added.

Last week's MOD order said, 'Transfer of Defence land is normally on the basis of exchange of equal value land to be provided by the indenting authority or creation of EVI for the land owning units of Defence by the indenting authority.' For the cases where an EVI would be provided by the acquirer, the order explained in detail on how to calculate the market value of defence land, whether it is inside cantonment area or outside it. PTI DSP AAR AAR