Deepshikha Deshmukh sets a fine example as a successful multi-tasking woman

Deepshikha Deshmukh

You may know of Deepshikha Deshmukh as Honey Bhagnani – daughter of one of the most  respected Bollywood film producers, Vashu Bhagnani. Just like her father and brother, Deepshikha believes in telling stories differently. She made her debut as a producer with the much acclaimed ‘Sarbjit’ which won her accolades at the Cannes Film Festival 2016. She went on to back strong subject oriented films like ‘Madaari’ starring Irrfan Khan as well as out-and-out entertainers like ‘Tutak Tutak Tutiya’ starring Prabhu Deva. She partnered with Priyanka Chopra on Puja Films’ first Punjabi film ‘Sarvann’.

Apart from being a producer, Deepshikha now has her eyes on skincare. Having studied botanical formulations, she has ventured into starting her own skin nutrition brand, called Love Organically. Remarkably balancing her accomplishments as a producer and excelling as a entrepreneur, she is on the path to transform the ways moms look at skin care in India.

In a quick interview with Yahoo!, Deepshikha tells us the secret to how she does it all.

You are a mother, a producer, an entrepreneur and now you are getting into starting your own skin care brand. How do you multi-task and make sure that you are focused on one thing without getting distracted by other tasks?
Let me start by simply admitting that trying to strike a balance between all aspects of life is tough. Not impossible, but simply tough. Once you are a mother you are bestowed with this power that enables you to reach out and be there for your kids at any given point in time. They are my foremost priority. But I’m on a path of learning to dedicate time to work and compartmentalise everything. So one doesn’t affect the other. I’ve got a great awesome family and great team to help me with all of this.

What made you get into organic skin care? What is your thought process behind it?

‘Love Organically’ can be perfectly described as a concoction of a mother’s unconditional love and the goodness of nature, all packed into one. It was my son’s delicate skin that got  me all caught up with skin care products and the lack of natural ones available. That was the start of my journey to create products rooted in Ayurveda, that are organic, naturally occurring and guided by the wisdom of generations. I wanted to create products that were suited for mums and their kids alike, without any worry of damaging their delicate skin.

You come from a film background and are producing films with some of the biggest stars like Aishwarya Rai, Irrfan Khan and Priyanka Chopra. What are the things that you’ve picked up or learnt from them that has help you become what you are today (including you father, brother and you husband)?
All my films have brought me a new experience, with every project I’ve picked up a valuable lesson. From some I’ve learnt the art of perfection while from some others I’ve learnt how persistent dedication brings victory home. My dad (filmmaker Vashu Bhagnani) has been some one I’ve always looked up to right from my early years. He taught me to be fearless and set out to achieve everything I set my heart on. From my brother (actor Jackky Bhagnani) I’ve picked up the importance to stay focused through all the ups and downs life throws at you. And my main man, Dhiraj (a politician and a social entrepreneur) is where I have picked up every tiny detail of delegation and organisation. I consider him a master of those.

What are your future plans? What’s next in store for you?
Well, I have my fingers crossed for some exciting projects in the pipeline for Puja Films. We will be announcing them in this quarter. As for my main focus, this month, it’s all about ‘Love Organically’  and I’m focusing all my energy on that.

Any advice for other women entrepreneurs on how to make it big or successful?
I don’t believe there is a mantra of sorts. But I strongly believe that if you set your eyes on something, and work towards that passionately, with immense dedication and not discouraged by failure, then the rest just takes care of itself.