Deepika Singh Reveals Secrets Behind Her Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss, Lost 16 Kgs In 7 Months

Motherhood is a blessing in every woman's life. But it comes with a lot of responsibilities alongside post-pregnancy weight and postpartum depression. It takes nine months for gaining the pregnancy fat, and it takes the same amount of time for its reduction too. Diya Aur Baati Hum fame, Sandhya bindani a.k.a. Deepika Singh Goyal is on cloud nine these days. Deepika is enjoying her mommy time with her 11-month-old son, Soham Goyal.

Deepika suffered from postpartum-depression and had undergone a period of low energy levels, low self-esteem while she battled to take care of herself along with her newborn, Soham. Deepika came out of it like a fighter and it was truly an inspiration to all the newbie mommies out there. Apart from winning her fight with the postpartum-depression, Deepika had also shed a lot of post-pregnancy weight. (Also Read: Newbie Mom Deepika Singh Shares Details About How She Fought Postpartum-Depression)

Deepika Singh Goyal weighed herself on July 26, 2017, 2 months after giving birth to Soham, she weighed 72 kgs. With all her hard work, dedication and patience, Deepika reduced to 56 kgs i.e she lost 16 kgs in 7 months. Sharing the below picture of her weight loss journey on Instagram, she captioned it as, "You don’t have to go fast, you just have to go.”

In the conversation with the Times of India, Deepika revealed her fitness secrets. She was quoted as saying, "Soham was the master reason for my weight loss. I completely focused on him; he's my work-out master." Deepika believes breastfeeding is the best thing for the weight loss. She further added, “Breastfeeding is extremely important for your child, your health, and your body. It is natural and it is the best thing for your weight loss. Whosoever feels that breastfeeding is extremely unnecessary or probably will ruin one's figure, it's absolutely untrue. It is known as a white blood for your child and keeps all health issues away.” (Also Read: 8 Breast Care Tips That All Breastfeeding Mothers Should Follow)

Deepika confessed that she had put on a lot of weight post-pregnancy rather than during her pregnancy. She stated, “I realised that I had put on weight post delivery. In order to give Soham the right nutrients, I had gobbled up everything healthy so that he wasn't deprived of nutrients. In that way, I had put on a lot of weight and by August, I was 72 kgs. During pregnancy, I put on weight because of Thyroid.” (Also Read: Mira Rajput's Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Transformation Is Every Newbie Mom's Dream)

Being an Odissi dancer, it made her sulk when she could not live up to her dance capacity. Deepika said, “I am an Odissi dancer and passionate about it. I realized that I was feeling very tired and lethargic and that hit me hard. It kept making me sulk because I could not live up to my dance capacity. That hit me hard.” She further shared, “As soon as I decided to lose weight, I immediately took to doing Yoga, following a certain diet and also joined a gym. Dance is like spiritualism for me and I started to miss because I could not dance during pregnancy and had a long gap of not performing. I got tired while just roaming around my baby. This was frustrating as I have never been a lazy person and that is why I couldn’t accept this." (Also Read: Chahatt Khanna's Post-Pregnancy Transformation Is Every New Mom's Dream Come True)

Deepika revealed when she started working out to reduce her post-pregnancy weight, “Also, I did not take any supplements, apart from my vitamin capsules, for weight loss. Nowadays, new mothers are impatient and want instant weight loss. It's not like that. You need to have patience and work out in the right way. You need to give yourself time. I too started to get back into shape after my baby was seven months old. If I would have wanted to fit into my regular dresses just three months post-pregnancy, it wouldn't have been possible and that would lead to irritation.” (Also Read: Avantika Lost 25 Kilos After The Birth Of Daughter Imara, Her Weight Loss Secret Is Super-Fun)

Deepika believes all the newbie mommies should control their cravings and she also shared an important tip for them. Deepika remarked, “It has taken nine months to gain the baby fat, it takes time for its reduction too. Also, one needs to keep a watch on their cravings. One should mindfully select their cravings and known their hunger; whether it is emotional or physical. One tip to understand that, is by constantly indulging in mouth rinsing.” (Also Read: Esha Deol Loses Pregnancy Weight Drastically, Her Transformation Makes Her Glow Like Never Before)

Deepika was quoted as saying, “I have meals on proper time. But I make sure that I am full by 7 pm. I am an early riser and make sure that Soham also wakes up early so that even my schedule isn't disturbed. One shouldn't be rigid with their own self.” And she further retorted, “I have my cheat days. I do indulge in sinful eating. But I believe in 'earn the calories and burn the calories' funda. I eat healthy food. Seriously, I do not keep myself away from food and the happiness surrounding it. But I make sure I follow a good diet.” (Also Read: Kareena Does 'Aerial Silk Yoga' To Lose Post Pregnancy Weight And Balancing Out Hormones)

Deepika met a doctor who revealed the reason behind her torturous backache and lethargies. Deepika stated, "I definitely had to do something about it. I made some changes in my diet, like I controlled my craving for junk and included more fruits, vegetables and lots and lots of water. I did mindful eating along with yoga and everyday walk. I also got back to my favourite hobby which is Odissi dancing." (Also Read: Deepika Says She Never Worries About 'Aaya' For Her Baby, Thanks To Her 'Saasu Maa')

Patience is the key element of success. Deepika believes, "People want instant results, which is not the right thing. Anything instant is not long-lasting. I try and go organic and do not even take any supplements. You need time. Even I took 7-8 months to get back to my old wardrobe. Be patient. The stubborn fat collected during the nine months of pregnancy takes time to go away. Learning to differentiate between emotional and physical is also one very important thing."

Deepika Singh Goyal has been a motivation to all the newbie mommies by losing 16 kgs in 7 months. And the tips shared by her should be helpful for them.

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