Deepika Padukone's Restlessness Irks Ranveer Singh, Asks Her Not to Do 'Phat-phat'

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Even though Bollywood stars live their lives under the scrutiny of the public eye, their private affairs are more similar to the common people than most of us would imagine. Now with the lockdown in place, many celebs are spending more time at home.

Actor Deepika Padukone recently shared that she has difficulty with sitting at one place without doing one thing or the other. So much so that she does not take rest even after hurting her back while cleaning.

Speaking to Film Companion's Anupama Chopra, Deepika shared that her restlessness has caused husband Ranveer Singh to keep a strict vigil on her so that she does not engage in any "phat-phat".

She revealed that after she sprained her back two days ago, Ranveer asked her not to move before going for exercise. The Padmaavat actor returned for a "surprise" check 20 minutes later and found Deepika atop a shelf trying to "clean something."

The Piku actor added that this made Ranveer go "wild" and he said, "Can you not do this phat-phat all the time? Can you sit in one place [when] you have injured your back?"

Deepika added that her husband has even complained of her habit in the family WhatsApp group.

For Deepika, lockdown brought the option of being "productive" in terms of household chores. She has been showing glimpses of her numerous activities on her social media handle under a series. Her latest post in the series saw her cooking a number of delicacies.