Deepika Padukone SLAMS a Popular Publication for Calling Her ‘Golf Player’ Sister Anisha As ‘Other Padukone’

Prachi Kulkarni
We are yet to decide if we are Ladkiwale or Ladkewale!

Deepika Padukone is one is one of the best actresses that we have now and the limelight around her is justified. However, her sister and badminton champion Prakash Padukone's daughter who is an acclaimed golf-player, Anisha Padukone, too is an achiever in her way. Probably, the publication who printed an interview on her missed this point and DP made sure that she reminds them the same!

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The dimpled star shared a picture of this publication which had Anisha's interview and proudly wrote, 'not the ‘other’ Padukone...’The’ Padukone! I’m soo proud of you my little baby girl... @anishapadukone.' The fans not only hailed the actress for caption but also appreciated Anisha for her feat in the field. This is how women are meant to be: appreciative of each other and uplifting each other, right?

Speaking of the pressure of the surname that she carries, Anisha said in the same interview, "When I was younger, I did try proving myself, proving that I could be as successful. But with time I have realised I don’t need to be under the limelight to be successful. For me, success is now about helping others, meeting new people, having new experiences. I can’t run away from my surname, I know, and I don’t. I am very proud of my family." Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone to Have a Traditional Sindhi Wedding?

Anisha, who was at the 10th edition of Sara Futura Karnataka Golf Festival, spoke at length on her career and life. She is also the director of The Live Laugh Love Foundation (TLLLF) that throws light on the mental health care and also strives to remove the stigma that is commonly attached to it.