Deepika Padukone REVEALS How Her Chemistry On-screen Has Changed Since Marriage With Ranveer Singh!

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Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone has fans going gaga ever since she got roped in as Romi Dev for Kabir Khan’s ’83! Here’s why:

Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone or fans of DeepVeer, are some of the most energetic when it comes to hyping their stars. Well, from their chemistry to their acting chops, no one can get enough of the duo, but fans going gaga ever since they came to know that Deepika and Ranveer will actually act as a married couple for Kabir Khan’s ’83!

Well, we too are excited about watching Deepika play the role if Romi Dev as her husband, Ranveer Singh takes on the challenging role of the Haryana Hurricane aka Kapil Dev! While the movie will recreate the magic of the Indian Cricket Team’s victory at the 1983 World Cup, we shall get a glimpse of what’s the chemistry of our beloved Jodi DeepVeer since their marriage! Definitely, GOALS as usual!

Talking about her role and how their chemistry on-screen has changed since after their marriage, Deepika reveals that as actors when Ranveer and she come together, it isn’t personal at all. They only work as two professionals and nowhere can they be seen as the real-life husband and wife in reel!

Deepika said, “As actors, you don’t think about your personal equations while doing a film. You are fully focused on the moment and the character. You cease to exist as the person you are and only live the character that you are playing. Our personal equation won’t have any role to play this film.”

Talking about her character and how Romi Dev feels connected to her personally, Deepika said, “I feel so inspired every time meet her. She has an extremely refreshing energy, is intelligent, knowledgeable, and funny. I like her candour. Romi ji is someone who is extremely honest and when she needs to express herself, she does it with a lot of dignity. I like the way she conducts herself with so much grace.”

“At the end of day, for any champion, the drive, commitment and dedication must come from within. But yes, having a solid support system is important as it allows the person to work without holding back, without any kind of emotional burden. In that sense, Romiji has played an extremely important part in Kapil Dev’s success,” asserts Deepika.

Well, while we already have seen Ranveer Singh’s first look from the film as Kapil Dev, we eagerly await Deepika’s look as well! Although, the actress is quite cheeky when asked about the same, as she states with a wink, “Wait and watch.”

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