Declare Health Emergency in Telangana over Outbreak of Dengue, Malaria: BJP State President

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With the state of Telangana seeing a rise in the number of dengue and malaria cases, the BJP president of the state says that the Telangana government should declare a health emergency. Malaria and dengue are both mosquito-borne diseases which typically occur in subtropical and tropical countries. Dengue is caused by the bite of a female Andes Mosquito causing a viral infection in a human being whereas Malaria is caused by a Parasite Plasmodium and can affect both human beings and animals.

They have certain common symptoms like fever headaches, weakness, intense muscle pain, lower back pain. Both diseases may result in death and are extremely lethal. They start with a mosquito bite and often ending with the death of the person.

Telangana BJP State president Dr K Laxman on Saturday expressed concern over the outbreak of dengue and malaria.

Speaking to ANI, Laxman said, "Hyderabad has become a capital of dengue and chikungunya and now the entire state is dealing with malaria and dengue. There is no proper nursing staff, equipment and even doctors. The state government should declare "Health Emergency" but the government out of prestigious issues, are not even adopting this Aayushman Bharath and Aarogyasri. Due to the lack of facilities in the hospitals' poor people are losing their lives."

Expressing his views on the outbreak of the diseases, a BJP member N. Ramchander Rao said, "We came here to visit the Gandhi Hospital as cases of dengue, malaria, typhoid and chikungunya are being reported at an alarming rate. The number of patients outnumbers the capacity of the hospital."

"Machinery like MRIs and CT Scan are not sufficient. The state government is being negligent in order to react on these cases," said a hospital staff.

He added, "We demand the government to take measures to tackle pollution in the city and should use "Anti Mosquito Fogging" to decrease the mosquitoes. The government should release enough funds to the hospitals so that equipments could be installed immediately."

The Telangana high court has taken a serious view of the rising dengue cases in the state and has subsequently asked the government to tackle the 'emergency-like situation' on priority, reported TOI. Slamming the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) for not carrying out fogging in affected areas, the court asked for a report by September 11 on the steps that need to be taken in order to contain the damage and medical care provided to patients in government hospitals.