A decision by Sachin's father that changed his life: Book

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A decision by Sachin

19 Apr 2018: A decision by Sachin's father that changed his life: Book

It was the summer of 1984 when a decision by Professor Ramesh Tendulkar to let his youngest child Sachin switch school changed the boy's life.

The anecdote finds a mention in a new book, "Winning like Sachin: Think & Succeed like Tendulkar", authored by Devendra Prabhudesai.

Sachin was just 11 when his elder brother Ajit took him to coach Ramakant Achrekar.

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Fact: What was coach Ramakant Achrekar's view on Sachin?

Coach Ramakant Achrekar was of the view that young boy, Sachin, had it in him to go a long way in the sport and it was therefore prudent that he be given access to competitive cricket.

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School: Achrekar recommended the school change for Sachin

The issue was that Bandra IES, the English-medium school in Mumbai where Sachin studied, did not have a cricket team. Coach Achrekar recommended that Sachin be shifted to Shardashram Vidyamandir, whose English and Marathi medium cricket teams were coached by him, the book says.

Sachin's residence at Sahitya Sahawas in Bandra was a fair distance away from Shardashram in Dadar.

Struggle: Commute to and from Shardashram would eat into Sachin's leisure

Bandra and Dadar didn't have a direct bus that plied between the two, which meant that Sachin would have to change buses on the way, that too early in the morning, as the school opened at 7 am.

Sachin was to begin Class 6, the book says, adding the commute to and from Shardashram would eat into his leisure and also study time.

Decision: Professor Tendulkar left the final decision to Sachin

"Professor Tendulkar could've taken the easy way out and 'played safe'. He could very well have told his son to play cricket during the holidays and concentrate on studies for the rest of the year. He could have put his foot down on the idea of changing schools," says the book.

"But he didn't. He left the final decision to Sachin himself," it added.

Change: Sachin informed he was ready for change and challenge

Sachin was assured that his family would back him, regardless of his decision.

"Little did they know that that was the moment when the boy's life changed and when the history of Indian cricket took an unexpected turn. The youngest member of their family, whom they all doted on, informed them that he was ready for the change, and the challenge," the book said.

Fact: The book offers insights into winning attributes of Sachin's life

Sachin had found his calling and decided to let his love for cricket, which had grown into a passion under the tutelage of Achrekar, override every other aspect of life. The book offers insights into the winning attributes and lessons from the cricketing icon's life.