‘Decades of mistrust between Pak and India, situation can’t change overnight’: Army Chief

Srinagar (J&K), June 03(ANI): Army Chief General MM Naravane shared his opinion on the Pakistan ceasefires. General Naravane mentioned that Pakistan is indulging in the terrorist activities. According to him it’s not easy to trust Pakistan with their past records. He also said that they cannot be stagnant with the preparation to fight Pakistan’s terrorist activities. There've been decades of mistrust between Pakistan and India and situation can't change overnight. If they continue to observe ceasefire, stop & desist from pushing terrorists across India then these steps will incrementally build up trust. He also added that if they feel the situation is under control then they ask the few deployed army to return from the active zone so that they can also rest. General Naravane also said that “the role of the army is to bring down levels of violence to an extent where the civil administration and security forces can play their role in development for J&K”.